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Born in Tokyo, Japan

Lives & Works in Paris, France

At the age of 40, I reached a crossroad in my life. I had to make a decision. Should I continue to work at my company or resign? I thought of it over and over.


Finally, I decided to leave the French gaming company that I belonged to. I admit, It was a tough choice. For the obvious reason that a foreigner at my age might have a difficult time of building a new career.


However, I felt embarrassed staying in my comfort zone without much enthusiasm anymore.


With several years of experience in the same industry in Japan, I finally got my hands on a job in Paris in 2007. I have been here since.


Living abroad has been a childhood dream of mine. I wanted to live in a place where I can be my true and better self, doing what I liked.


Looking back, when I was in high school in Japan, some people think I was weird. Teachers were disappointed with my decision to study Fine Arts in the university. I was tired of the uniformity of trends and values around me.


I remember how I liked to draw my own original princess verson in Art class or manually making hand crafts. I would put on boys' shoes while cutting my hair very short. I encountered various people and things through travellilng alone. I had the chance to help someone who asked for it.


These experiences have been pretty much the same since childhood.


It's a blessing that I finally found doing make-up and I am truly enjoying it now.


I'm attracted to things and places where humans once dwelt through the overlap of time. Japan, where I was born and raised, and France, where I live now. I admire their commonalities.


I continue to do make up, getting inspirations from what I feel is beautiful. 


I want to provide an experience that allows us to enhance ourselves and rediscover our world.


Ever since I was a student, I've been really interested in what stirs my heart. And I've been moved forward by such things, people, and experiences.


Now, I want to be someone who has such a power, through make-up.
































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